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  • 10-22 14:47 Comment se laver les gants de gardien de but

     Laver les gants à la main après chaque utilisation avec un détergent à vaisselle doux et de l'eau chaude. Crochet et boucle (Velcro) fi
  • 10-22 14:44 How to Wash Goalie Gloves

      Wash the gloves by hand after each use with mild dishwashing detergent and warm water. Hook and loop (Velcro) fasteners should be closed to
  • 08-27 17:50 Make Your Own Soccer Shirt

    Purchase a basic T-shirt. The shirt can be made of cotton, polyester or satin, depending on your  personal preferences. If you'll actually b
  • 08-27 17:46 How to Exchange a Broken Tunit Stud

    Use the gold-colored wrench to try removing the  adidas f50 miCoach  cleat stud. The wrench has three sections, each of which correspo